No need to pick up Poo! No vet bills! Very loyal and obedient!

Pet rocks have been around for years but these little cuties come with a training book 

that makes the child a teacher and learner at the same time.

It’s a fun way to develop skills that make us thrive.



Important Product Information

Who Uses A Pet Rock?

For Children the instruction book on “How to Train Your Pet Rock” is an amazing tool for developing mindfulness and personal skills. Designed for 4 and up, it teaches self-supportive thoughts, resilience and the understanding of what’s required to achieve goals.


The main thing I love about pet rocks is the reaction kids have to them. When training the pet rock it brings out the nurturing teacher in themselves. The whole time they are developing personal skills as they teach it to the pet rock. It’s like teaching their inner selves these powerful, lasting characteristics that will support them their whole life.

Teenagers use their amazing sense of humour to make Pet Rocks the focal characters of their movies, comics and animations. An easy subject. Fun and humour go hand in hand with these guys.


Adult love them for the memories they bring. Pet Rocks are characters we grow to love. They last for a lifetime and each time we look at them we remember the things we did and learned with them. Those warm fuzzy feelings.


Warning! Choking Hazard!

 Pet rocks are unsuitable for children 3 and under.

They have small parts which are a Choking Hazard.

Pet Rocks