Grass Heads

Watching Things Grow Makes People Happy. It's Easy!

Don’t forget to give them a name and water them every day at breakfast time.

*Grass Heads won’t start growing until you submerge them in water.

*You can keep them a year before you start them growing.

*This grass seed has been chosen because it is accepted in the whole of Australia and it is easy to grow.



Important Product Information

Growing Instructions

Grass heads need to be completely submerged in water to start them growing.

*First remove their instruction tag before soaking.

*Soak them for about 30 minutes until they sink to the bottom and are heavy and full of water.

*Fill a jar with water and put the wick of the grass head only in the water.

*Keep them on the window sill in the kitchen, close to the tap where you will remember to water them.

*Every day replenish the water in the jar and run water over the seed on the grass head to keep them wet.

*It is best not to put them in direct sunlight unless it is the middle of winter. Summer time they may require more water to keep them moist.

 They will take about a week to germinate.

The secret to a good head of hair is to water them

every day at breakfast time.

Grass Head Animation