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Floonies Love to be Loved

Let people know what mood you’re in.

Light-hearted humor is what Floonies are all about but be warned… They Break!

The instructions are a must-read.



Important Product Information

Who uses a Floonie?

Floonies come alive for many ages and situations from therapy to creativity. Used in an Office Floonies can transform moods, break tensions, or put a grumpy look on your Floonies face as a “Do Not Disturb” sign. Everyone has a laugh but they get the message.

Teenagers and Uni Students easily create elaborate movies, comics and animations with a Floonie.

Primary school Children use Floonies for

creative imagination.

For Teachers it is a powerful tool for teaching about emotions. We create and transform our emotions with our thinking, which in turn affects our choice and actions.

“Thoughts create Feelings, which create Actions.”

This is the time to talk about self-supportive thoughts.

As you play, you can create a photo library of Floonie characters and feelings, which can become

part of your resources.