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We use Australia Post Express delivery, with registration on initial postage, plus tracking

of your parcels progress. The Australia Post Tracking Number is sent to you via text

when the parcel is posted from WA so delivery times varies depending where in

Australia it is being posted to. Express post means it will be delivered as soon as possible.

Other states and country areas add extra days to delivery.



All products come with clear instructions.

There are no refunds or returns on Floonies.

Pet Rocks, Grass Heads and Soft Toys are all subject to fault returns

but as we are a small business and as all products are personally

checked by hand the need for returns are very rare and are

reviewed on their individual merits.





From the time you place your order, we aim to have it dispatched within 48 hours.

If we happen to be away, we will have such notification on our website and

rest assured your items will be shipped as soon as possible on our return.




All of the products listed on our site are physically made by us. We have an extensive

range of products ready-made and available on the shelves in our shop at the Fremantle Markets.

A few of our products like the Soft Toys can have colours individually and uniquely selected if you

choose. These things will take time to make. They can be specifically ordered though contacting

us and carry an extra charge of 20%. We endeavour to get them to you asap.


One product that we have, the fluffy Floonies, specifically with fluffy hair, are subject to

what we call “The Lucky Dip”.

As specified on the item selection, this product will be delivered with the colour as a surprise.

There are hundreds of colour combinations and to make them to a specific colour it could add

many days to the delivery time. So far the Lucky Dip option has proven successful.

If more than one Fluffy Floonie are chosen then the delivery will be a range of different colours.



If gift wrapping is chosen, to make your gift look even more special, the products are placed

into a gift bag and the product information sheet is then printed in colour and addresses to the

recipient or recipients. It carries a small additional charge per gift bag.

If you choose a gift bag per person each bag carries a gift bag charge.

If the order is to be shipped to a different recipient and address we will not include a copy

of the invoice with the parcel (you will receive this via email).




We strive to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of personal information submitted by you to our website,

and our care and security measures are maintained to a highest level.




Security of your credit card information is taken extremely seriously and is treated with the utmost importance. 

We only use secure credit card processing facilities that are PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant.

This compliance ensures that payments made by credit cards are done so with up to date and state-of-the-art

security and performance measures in place through encryption technology. 

No credit card information is stored by us or on our own server.


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